mini load
NDW has developed her own as/ ar system based on the miniload designs. Because or our extensive knowledge in roller conveyors and controls, our solutions are complete solutions. Our miniloads are fully customizable, include check in and check out stations and flexible safety shell. Our miniload solutions are complete with control cabinet, safety lighting, emergency stops and calibration software.

Our mini load is built on our NDW Connect platform and is therefore easily connected to other systems via TCP/IP or I/O for simple applications
Maatwerk in iedere branche
NDW/s miniload is completely in house engineered. Therefore we can boost your system’s performance based on specifications. Performance can be optimized by choosing the right components, materials and drive technology. We are happy to integrate your trusted suppliers in the process of design in order to create the most optimal solution.

Operational specifications

  • Maximum height: 4.000 mm
  • Maximum handling weight: 100 kg (more on request)
  • Maximum travel speed: 2 m/s
  • Pick method: under pick and side pick
  • Pick capacity: 1 or 2 packages
  • Motor and controls: Festo 400V Servo drive
  • Transmission: Helicoidal gear rack or timing belt
  • Frame: Powdercoat welded steel frame

  • Operational Voltage: 400 Vac
  • Festo Servo Drive : 24 Vdc peripherals
  • Maximum output: 20 A (peak)
  • Interfacing: TCP/IP, Ethercad
  • System Cabinet: Industrial IP54 system cabinet Including controllers and on-board computer or PLC based on client specification and servo drives

  • Standard software: Pick and place functionalities, based on x,y,z coordinates Safety Shell (product check, tote check, emergency check Multi- system configuration
  • WMS integration: on request (interfacing TCP/IP)
  • Software suite: Windows/ Linux application or PLC application
  • Support: Client specific API/ software configuration and support