NDW has been building up a reputation for Parts and modules for the intra-logistics market since 1976. A family business, NDW combines its craftmanship, high standards of quality and expertise with all the best features of a family, which means that we operate as a team and are quick and easy to reach. However, it also means that we’re not afraid of letting the world know about our ambitions.
We know rollers

International company

We believe in our brand, which is becoming increasingly visible in Europe and, due to our dealer-network in North America, we are a player on that continent too. Moreover, to reinforce our ambitions, we only do business with reputable suppliers who share our philosophy. For our clients, contact with NDW is always personal contact. We know your market, know what’s happening and understand the challenges you face, so our advice is always to the point and specific to your company. To us, going that extra mile is self-evident. NDW | We’ll keep you rolling | 5 NDW