Drive roller

In 2015, NDW commenced the development of conveyor roller solutions which ensure that motorised roles can more easily be deployed and that a total transport installation can be controlled in a cheaper and more straight forward manner.

The result is that NDW is set to bring the first 4 drive controllers onto the market in 2018. These products are entitled: budget, basic, basic+24V and basic+230V, and can be used for standard transport installations as well as to control more complex installations. Thanks to the combination of a strong brushless conveyor roller (the 50DRX and 60DRX), NDW has a new technology and power that is suitable for transporting light to semi-heavy products, up to 300 kg.

Plug and Play

Remote global support

Wireless Control

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NDW Connect

In addition to the technical developments concerning conveyor rollers, NDW has recently also invested in digital innovation. From now it is possible to view, control and monitor all the ins and outs of the conveyor roller via the unique NDW Connect app. The app provides you with a broad insight into the performances of the conveyor tracks. The entire control runs via its own Wi-Fi system, which makes it possible to offer remote service and monitoring globally.


This creates a sharper and improved insight into (preventive) maintenance, which increases the effectiveness of your systems. You no longer require a PLC, NDW Connect software provides you with a unique tailor-made solution, specifically adjusted to your wishes and requirements. This software also make trouble shooting much simpler. It is possible to adjust, intervene and improve remotely, without having to make major investments.

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