24V E-roller

The NDW E-rollers are brushless DC motors integrated in a conventional ø50/60mm NDW roller with the primary purpose to drive non-driven rollers in conveyor systems. (max. speed 1 m/s ø50mm).

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E-roller controllers

Each motorized E-roller must be connected to a compatible NDW motor controller such as the BC50 or BP120 controller. All controllers are designed to precisely control the behaviour of the motorized roller.

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E-roller transmissions

Within the ER50 series, E-rollers can be equipped with different transmission alternatives such as poly-v, grooves, toothed belts and round belts. The selection is based on the requirements of the application.

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Technical Data

1. Actual current is depended on the conditions of the application, such as actual load, section length, slope etc. A very short current peak of <40ms will occur during startup of the E-roller.

2. Measured at 1 meter. Also dependent on the conditions of the application, such as conveyor frame, mounting type, load and resonance behavior of the system

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Performance data

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Dimensions of the motorized E-roller

The dimensions of the E-roller depend on the type of transmission type. When ordering a E-roller, the IL-value (enclosed length or frame width) should be used. Since NDW also manufactures the non-driven rollers, alignment between E-rollers and other rollers can be garantueed.

For other tube diameters, transmission types or mounting type contact NDW.

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Dimensions of the motorized E-roller

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Dimensions of the motorized E-roller

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Mounting of the motorized E-roller

The ER50 motorized roller can be mounted in any conventional conveyor frame consisting of hexagonal holes (min. 11.2 mm) or round holes (min 12.2 mm).

To prevent the roller from twisting in the conveyor frame, one could use the ER-locking plate. This stainlesssteel plate has a narrow tolerance and can be slid over the ER50 shaft. The locking plate can be mounted in multiple directions to ease installation.

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Available accessories

E-roller extension cable

1500mm, two-sided connector, male/female, order code: 901-CABMOT-1500

3000mm, two-sided connector, male/female, order code: 901-CABMOT-3000

E-roller mounting lock

ER-Lock, stainless steel, order code: 901-ERLOCK-1A