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NDW is a global operation with partners all over the world. We stand for quality, support, flexibility and state of the art technology. We developed a range of products for material handling and intra logistics solutions based on roller and controls. Our technology can be used to save integration time and keep away from programming as much as possible. NDW technology is open platform and can easily integrate with industry leading systems.


Have you ever wondered what the world would look like without conveyor rollers? For a start, it would be much emptier, because everything around us has travelled along a transport installation at some point: your plate and the food on it, your chair and your computer, your car and its key. Without transport installations, nothing would ever reach its destination. And the popularity of this mode of transport will only increase, so the importance of conveyor tracks’ and rollers’ applications will continue to grow.


NDW’s drive rollers are the result of over two years of development. This innovation gives you complete control of your conveyor tracks and conveyor systems in terms of efficiency, durability and, of course, logistic deployment. The drive rollers are driven by the NDW Controllers, which are available in four versions, ranging from straightforward controllers for each drive roller to controllers that communicate with each, so you can set up your belt for optimal efficiency. Naturally, we work constantly to improve and extend those controllers. The drives in the rollers themselves are the products of far-reaching research and continued development. In fact, we’re not afraid to say that NDW supplies powerful drive rollers with long-lasting quality.



The BP 120 controller is a controller for two motors with a sensor integration for complex programming and chain communication. Thanks to its integrated transformer it can immediately be switched to 230v and is therefore the ultimate plug and play solution. It is very suitable for larger systems and works in both standalone mode and smart mode.

The future of material handling

You understand, by now, that NDW has turned its eyes to the future. Although no one can say exactly what the future will bring, it is possible to make an educated guess: parcels delivered to the recipients by drones, fully automated distribution centres and sensor-free controls. There are so many possibilities and plenty of room for improvement.

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