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About NDW

NDW supplies conveyor rollers for all kinds of use and for an extremely varied range of industries. The quality of our rollers has given us a very distinctive position on the market. Produced in the Netherlands or at one of our overseas branches, and with a dealer-network that covers all Northwest Europe and North America, our products always address any challenge you face. NDW puts its passion, expertise and experience at your service: we can supply parts that can withstand the issues of any transport system. Our knowledge of internal transport systems goes beyond measuring and delivering conveyor rollers. If necessary, we are happy to analyse your customer’s transport challenge with you on site to ensure that we provide a suitable solution. Based at our head office in the Netherlands, we serve a broad, international market. As we have spread our other branches strategically across the globe, there is always one close to you. That’s why we’re not afraid to say: we are everywhere.

Conveyor Rollers

NDW supplies conveyor rollers for all kinds of use and for an extremely varied range of industries: from agriculture to material-handling and pallet-handling and from tape drives for mining to heavy-duty usage and airports. We supply conveyor rollers for gravity roller tracks, powered roller tracks, accumulating roller tracks and bespoke bends. By combining and adding parts, we can deliver customised products.

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NDW’s drive rollers are the result of over two years of development. This innovation gives you complete control of your conveyor tracks and conveyor systems in terms of efficiency, durability and, of course, logistic deployment. The drive rollers are driven by the NDW Controllers.

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Our own staff are also given plenty of scope for professional growth and attend training programmes to ensure that they keep up with the times and the latest technology in their fields. We can then apply that technology to our production process without any problems and, as a result, tomorrow’s technology become available today. Because we want to continuously improve our processes and ensure a high rate of production, we follow the guidelines set out in Quick Response Manufacturing. If any part of our process reveals an opportunity to make more profit without impairing our quality, we will certainly take advantage of it.

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A multinational family business

Established in 1976, NDW has continued to develop its sound reputation in the field of transport rollers and carrier rollers for internal transport systems. As a family business, NDW combines its craftsmanship, quality and expertise with all the favourable characteristics that one might reasonably expect of a family. This implies that we always operate as a team and can be reached swiftly and conveniently. However, it also means that we make no bones about our own aspirations. We stand firmly behind our brand, which has acquired an increasing presence in Europe, while we have also become a market player in North America, thanks to our continental dealer network there.


Proven network

Moreover, in keen pursuit of our ambitions, we only do business with proven suppliers who adhere to our philosophy. To our clients, contact with NDW invariably means personal contact therefore. We are familiar with your market, know what is going on and understand where your challenges lie. This enables us to offer up-to-the-minute, tailored advice. Going the extra mile is standard practice to us.

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Control of quality

Our products are distinguished by quality. This implies that we either personally manage or retain direct control of the greater part of the production process. Opting for quality means opting for production and development in the immediate vicinity, rather than outsourcing overseas with a view to cutting costs. Every last detail of the roller is developed, manufactured, treated and finished in or close to our production plant, and invariably under our direct responsibility.

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Customisation in every sector

NDW supplies transport rollers for all manner of applications and a vast range of industries. These range from farming, food and agribusiness to material handling and pallet handling. From belt drives for mining to heavy duty and airport applications. We supply carrier rollers for gravity roller conveyors, powered roller conveyors, accumulating roller conveyors and bespoke bends. Furthermore, the combination and addition of various components enables us to supply a custom-made product.