Our history

Since 1976 NDW has been building on its good reputation in the field of conveyor rollers and idlers for internal conveyor systems. It is the quality of our rollers that make them stand out in the market. Manufactured in the Netherlands and with a dealer network throughout North-west Europe, our products will always provide a solution for your challenge. With passion, expertise and experience, for almost four decades NDW has been ready and willing to supply its clients with parts that are perfect for the challenges that the conveyor system has to withstand. Our knowledge of internal conveyance extends further than measuring and supplying conveyor rollers. If required, jointly with you, we would be more than happy to analyse your customer’s conveyance challenge on-site after which we can offer a suitable solution. Of course, perhaps you already know exactly which conveyor rollers and parts fit your system, or perhaps you would like to put in an order or a repeat order? You would, of course, be more than welcome to do so. Our comprehensive range guarantees that a system will soon be in perfect working order.

As a family company, NDW combines its craftsmanship, quality and expertise with all of the good characteristics that make up a family. That means that we always work as a team and we can be reached quickly and easily, but also that we do not hide our ambitions. We stand by our brand, which is becoming ever more visible in Europe. Furthermore, to add momentum to our ambition, we only do business with preferred suppliers, who adhere to our philosophy. Therefore, for our clients, contact with NDW also always means personal contact. We know your market, we know what is going on and we understand where your challenges lie. That means that our advice is always spot on and bespoke. Going that extra mile is a given.

Contact with NDW

About NDW

NDW supplies idlers for all uses and for a very wide range of sectors. From farming, food and agriculture, to material handling and pallet handling. From belt drives for the mining industry to heavy-duty use and airports. We supply conveyor rollers for gravity roller tracks, driven roller tracks, accumulating roller conveyors and specifically created curves. By combining and adding parts, we are able to supply a bespoke product. To that end, we do not work with standard overall dimensions, but we only manufacture according to your specifications: through measurements or a design drawing that you have supplied. Of course, at any time, we can provide you with comprehensive advice about the method of conveyance or the conveyor roller that is most suitable for your situation. Our conveyor rollers satisfy our own high quality requirements. The calibrated inner body means there is a much smaller margin of error. Furthermore, our products have a larger wall thickness, enabling us to guarantee extra quality. If you would like something special in a certain straightness and/or roundness, we would be happy to take a look at how this can be achieved. Plus, NDW is one of the few manufacturers to galvanise all of its conveyor rollers post-manufacture. This means that all welds and ends are galvanised in every roller. To be able to satisfy the high quality requirements that we lay down for our customers, NDW only procures its shafts and pipes from reputable steel manufacturers and retailers.