Conveyors Rollers

Have you ever wondered what the world would look like without conveyor rollers? For a start, it would be much emptier, because everything around us has travelled along a transport installation at some point: your plate and the food on it, your chair and your computer, your car and its key. Without transport installations, nothing would ever reach its destination. And the popularity of this mode of transport will only increase, so the importance of conveyor tracks’ and rollers’ applications will continue to grow.

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Technology that creates cost effective roller conveyor solutions

NDW is a global operation with partners all over the world. We stand for quality, support, flexibility and state of the art technology.
We developed a range of products for material handling and intra logistics solutions based on roller and controls. Our technology can be
used to save integration time and keep away from programming as much as possible. NDW technology is open platform and can easily integrate with industry leading systems.

In the past years NDW has made many demo systems in close collaboration with partners and clients. These efforts lead to game changing applications. We will continue to do so for the success of our clients.

We believe in collaboration and therefore offer global support. As NDW we will make sure that all of your drawings are up to specifications of what can be manufactured by us. In addition, we can help with the design of the conveyors as well as more complex systems in
which NDW Technology will be used. Our products can be serviced throughout the whole chain of the current infrastructure, becoming easier with each innovation.


Carrier rollers for any application

NDW supplies carrier rollers for all manner of applications and a vast range of industries. These range from farming, food and agribusiness to material handling and pallet handling. From belt drives for mining to heavy duty and airport applications. We supply carrier rollers for gravity roller conveyors, powered roller conveyors, accumulating roller conveyors and bespoke bends. Furthermore, the combination and addition of various components enables us to supply a custom-made product.


Responding to changes

Customisation is one of the driving forces behind NDW. After all, the logistics sector is subject to constant changes, while one is continually faced with new challenges and opportunities. Moreover, supermarkets and shops in particular would simply run out of stock, were it not for conveyor rollers: their application is absolutely essential, and therefore has to be kept up to scratch. In collaboration with all our clients, we are happy to accept the challenge of manufacturing rollers that are ideally suited for the particular application, load and environment in question.