NDW’s drive rollers are the result of over two years of development. This innovation gives you complete control of your conveyor tracks and conveyor systems in terms of efficiency, durability and, of course, logistic deployment. The drive rollers are driven by the NDW Controllers, which are available in four versions, ranging from straightforward controllers for each drive roller to controllers that communicate with each, so you can set up your belt for optimal efficiency. Naturally, we work constantly to improve and extend those controllers. The drives in the rollers themselves are the products of far-reaching research and continued development. In fact, we’re not afraid to say that NDW supplies powerful drive rollers with long-lasting quality.

Basic Plus Motor Controller

NDW Controller

The E-rollers are controlled by the NDW Controllers. There are four versions of these controllers available: ranging from a simple controller per E-roller, to communicating controllers that enable you to achieve the ideal set up of your conveyor. It goes without saying that we are continually seek to improve and extend the operation of these controllers. Incorporating the drive in the roller itself is the result of extensive research and further development. We therefore have the confidence to pledge that NDW can now supply a powerful E-roller of durable quality.

app rollerbaan

NDW Connect

In addition to technical developments in the area of E-rollers, NDW has also invested in digital innovation. As a result, it is now possible to view, control and monitor all ins and outs of the E-roller using the unique NDW Connect app. This app offers you extensive insight into the performance of conveyors. Control of the entire drive system is carried out by means of a proprietary Wi-Fi system, which also enables the provision of remote service and monitoring worldwide.