high speed
The highspeed sorter is a modular sorter concept that is the most versatile in it’s category. It can sort up to 6500 packs per hour depending on product size and weight. With a 24v drive in each of the discs that can be serviced through a “quick release” action. The sorter can be controlled with NDWs controller range but is not limited to NDWs tech only. The modular design allows for third party controllers to be used.

Product Specifications

  • Build-in height: 200 mm
  • Up to 6500 packs p/h depending of product size
  • Disc diameter: 184 mm
  • -90 to +90 degrees in 0.3 seconds
  • Availlable lenghts: 200-400-600 mm
  • Min. product size: 100×100 mm
  • Availlable widths: 400-600-800-1000 mm
  • Max. product size depending amount of modules
  • 24V logic and drive system
  • Min. product weight: 50 gr.
  • Lightweight robust aluminium construction
  • Max. product weight: 40 Kg.