NDW connect


With NDW Connect it is possible to view, control and monitor all the ins and outs of the conveyor roller by using the unique NDW connect app. The app provides you with a broad insight into the performance of the conveyor tracks. The entire control runs via its one Wi-Fi systems which makes it possible to offer remote service and monitoring globally.
Gate way

To control our BP-120 controllers via Profinet, Profibus, Ethercad you require a Gateway, any gateway that is designed for RS485 can be used . NDW will setup the interface between your programming program and our controllers and support you with the design of such a system.

BP120 Profinet

The BP120 Profinet has all the functions of the previous versions and is equiped with 8 configurable I/Os, dedicated emergency line and built-in intelligent features for automatic mode switching between I/Os, PLC communication or built-in accumulation mode.