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The NDW CSD can be used for a wide variety of uses. For example sorting packages, combining flows or splitting them. Due to its modular size it can easily be implemented in any current or new system.

73493 PP NDW CSD afbeeldingen

Working principle

The CSD consists of four brushless motorized E-rollers. A motor for driving the transport rollers, two motors for driving the flat belts and a single motor for the lift. When the lift is lowered, packages can be transferred with the transport rollers. If a package should make a 90-degree turn, it is stopped on the CSD, the lift is raised and the belts are activated allowing the product to move sideways as shown in the image below. In turn, it is also possible to use the CSD in opposite direction, where a package is loaded on the belts, the lift is lowered, and it will continue to transfer over the rollers.

73493 PP NDW CSD afbeeldingen2

Technical Data

1. Actual current is depended on the conditions of the application, such as actual load, section length, slope etc. A very short current peak of <40ms will occur during startup of the E-roller.

2. Actual transport capacity and maximum weight depends on CSD dimensions, set speeds, type and weight of conveyed good.

73493 PP NDW CSD afbeeldingen3


73493 PP NDW CSD afbeeldingen4

Dimensions and mounting